Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pennsylvania mess

I am sick and tired of the fiasco that has become the 2008 democratic primary. I cannot wait until Tuesday, April 22 for Pennsylvania to hold it's primary. I am hoping that the people of Pennsylvania will be smart and vote for Obama. That way Hillary Clinton can finally drop out of the race and allow Senator Barack Obama to be the Democratic nominee. Personally I don't see how or why she is choosing to let this go so far. The numbers are against her. Mathematically, she can win by a long shot. But it will mean that he has to do extremely horrible in the remaining states. That is not going to happen. Even if the polls are accurate and she wins Pennsylvania, it will probably be by a narrow lead. Once again the delegates will be split and he will still remain in the lead. He has won the popular vote. He also has won more states than she has. Personally I don't understand why Howard Dean doesn't step in and shut Clinton up. Her antics are dividing the democratic party. Thanks to lame duck president Bush, the democratics were a shoe in to win. However, Hilary Clinton is hurting the party. She is a two-faced liar and will say anything to get elected. Wake up PA and vote Obama "08!!!